About Me

I am a Web Developer currently living in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I received my Bachelors of Fine Art in Digital Media at the University of Florida August of 2013. The program was centered around all things visual and digital, from web and application development, to digital imaging and video production, and even sensors and electronics based work including Arduino and the Raspberry Pi.

My career is in Web Development but my passion includes everything revolving around computers. I have been building and customizing computers both professionally and personally for almost a decade. My main computer is a MacBook Pro and all of my other machines run various distributions of Linux, primarily Debian and Arch Linux. I have been a System Administrator of several Linux based production web and file servers using both LAMP & LEMP stack.

In addition to Web Development and System Administration, one of my favorite things to do is creating short videos. I typically shoot my videos on a Nikon D3100 and do post work in Adobe Premier Pro, although I have experience in most major Video Editing Software.

Web Development

I have been designing and developing websites professionally for over six years. I'm comfortable developing on the frontend or backend as well as setting up or managing infrastructure.

Frontend Development - I like putting together compliant, clean, maintainable and responsive HTML5 and CSS3 (+SASS) websites. I'm happy writing custom styling or using many of the popular frontend libraries & frameworks out there.

Backend Development - I primarily use PHP and my favorite MVC these days would be Laravel. I am comfortable using Laravel for all sorts of project; full CMS websites, database-driven web applications and other CRUD applications.

Devops & Infrastructure - I manage numerous servers for client projects as well as my own personal sites, apps and other various uses. I therefore have experience with the setup, deployment, provisioning & day to day maintenance of full server stacks. This includes tools platforms such as Digital Ocean, Liquidweb, AWS.

Design & UX - While I predominately write code these days, I have a good eye for quality design. I have been responsible for numerous design related aspects of previous projects including identity and logo development, layout, mockups and full site designs.